Illustration from “Bob and Lou” written by Greg Thomas and illustrated by Elizabeth Sparg

A new adventure, a new blog.

I used to write a very sporadic blog on my freelance design website fromtheartSTUDIO but the last time I posted there was in 2019 when I was just beginning to learn about picture book illustration.

Now, with all that’s going on (or not going on) with social media (and especially with Instagram) everyone is talking about email lists. Not that this is new, but it does seem more and more necessary to have your own way to reach your audience, independent of any third party site. And so, I am going back to good old fashioned blogging as a means of sharing content – and will hopefully grow an email list of subscribers who like my work/content. I did consider Substack, and Patreon, but decided against them in the end. So here I am with my sparkly new blog.

Here you will find news about books I’ve illustrated when they launch, deals and pre-order info, process posts about how I make my illustrations, works in progress, sketchbook drawings, and other bits and bobs I think you might find interesting such as new portfolio pieces, other artists who inspire me, picture books I love and recommend and so on.

Please sign up if this sounds like something you might like.

I don’t plan on annoying you or filling up your inbox with “too many” posts; but you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time with a simple click of a button.

A New Adventure

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